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Andrew Cuomo: New York’s 56th Governor

Andrew Cuomo: New York's 56th GovernorWho is Andrew Cuomo?

Born on December 6, 1957 Andrew Cuomo is the current Governor of the state of New York. Cuomo assumed office on January 1, 2011 following his post as the state’s 64th Attorney General. In addition to serving as the New York State Attorney General, Cuomo was the 11th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

What did Andrew Cuomo do as New York State Attorney General?

Andrew Cuomo, while serving as the New York State Attorney General, accomplished a number of tasks that ultimately helped citizens progress through the decade. For instance, in July of 2007 Andrew Cuomo and the New York State office attorney general admonished the Spitzer administration for ordering the State Police to house special records of then-Senate majority leader Joseph Bruno’s location when he traveled with police escorts in New York City.

This action promulgated by Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Attorney General’s Office represented one of the core values of the office—uphold the rights of citizens and protect them against any unjust or unfair government actions.

Later in the same year, Andrew Cuomo and his office were active in a high profile police investigation regarding the lending practices and anti-competitive relationships formed between student lenders and universities. In a more specific sense, Andrew Cuomo was attempting to crack-down on how universities steered students to “preferred lending institutions”, which ultimately resulted in those borrowers taking on loans with exorbitant rates.

Cuomo’s efforts to crack down on such unjust lending practices represents another core value of the attorney general office—eliminate any schemes or situations where an institution is attempting to profit through unjust or immoral actions. Andrew Cuomo and the efforts made by his attorney general office revamped the student lending environment; changes in lending policy at a number of major American universities were undertaken due to Cuomo’s investigation.
In addition to these two initiatives, Andrew Cuomo launched a strike against major child pornography distributors, fought against the death penalty and instituted a number of movements to crack down on corruption