Nebraska Attorney General

Nebraska Attorney General

Nebraska Attorney General


What is the Attorney General Nebraska?

The Nebraska Attorney General is a legal and administrative position undertaken by the appointed individual serving as the primary attorney – or Nebraska lawyers – on behalf of the State of Nebraska. Although the Attorney General Nebraska undertakes a vast array of duties and responsibilities, amongst the foremost of their responsibilities is to serve the collective citizenship of the State of Nebraska through legislative advocacy and the guardianship of legal statutes; he various divisions of the Attorney General Nebraska include the following 4 Divisions:

The Civil Division oversees Civil Rights Claims, Inmate Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Tort Claim, Labor-based Lawsuits, Employment Discrimination, and Equal Opportunity Commission

The Department of Legal Services oversees Department of Roads, Attorney General Opinions, Constitutional Litigation, and Election Law

The Department of Public Protection regulates Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources Division, Consumer Protection, Health and Licensing, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (MFCU), Tobacco and Firearms Enforcement, Liquor Control Commission, One-Call Notification Act (Regulation of Public Excavation), Administrative License Revocation (ALR), and the Department of Regulations for Non-Profit Organizations

The Criminal Division regulates Child Protection, Criminal Appeals, Domestic Violence, Internet Safety, Drug Abuse Division, and Violent Crime Prosecution Bureau

The Attorney General Nebraska

The Nebraska Attorney General is Republican Jon Bruning, who was elected in 2002:

Jon Bruning was has been reelected 3 times since his initial appointment; his 4th term ends in 2015

Jon Bruning received his legal degree from the Law School at the University of Nebraska

The Office of the Attorney General Nebraska

The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Nebraska is located in the State Capitol Building in Lincoln, Nebraska

The History of the Nebraska Attorney General

The first Nebraska Attorney General was Champion S. Chase, who served from 1867 to 1869; the appointment of the Attorney General Nebraska takes place through a statewide election. The State Constitution of Nebraska mandates that individual terms of service for the Attorney General position are not to exceed 4 years’ time.

The Legal Process and Procedure of the Attorney General Nebraska

Administrative Law and the Nebraska Attorney General

Administrative Law is the legal field associated with events and circumstances in which Federal and State Governments of the United States interact with their respective citizens, including the administration of government programs, the creation of agencies, the establishment of a legal, regulatory standard; as a result, the Nebraska Attorney General is an example of a State officer responsible for the protection and preservation of the rights and liberties afforded to the citizens of the State of Nebraska:

In addition to serving as the primary prosecuting attorney on behalf of the State of Nebraska, the Attorney General Nebraska also serves as the chief advocate of legislature and statutory regulation existing within the State of Nebraska

Common Law and the Nebraska Attorney General

The Nebraska Attorney General is identified as an officer within the legal realm of Common Law, which is the legal field and ideology considered to rely on past legal statutes, sentencing, and judicial review to serve as guidelines for sentencing; both the reference and respect of past judicial decisions as a means of determination for current legal hearings is amongst the primary ideologies inherent within Common Law:

In many cases, the Attorney General Nebraska will employ the legal ideology of ‘Stare Decisis’ with regard to appellate hearings requested within the State of Nebraska; Stare Decisis facilitates a hierarchy with regard to legal venue, within which the process of appeals is determined for potential hearings

Upon the ruling set forth by a court classified as a ‘lower’, an appeal may be subject to judicial review by a court ‘classified as ‘higher’ only in the event that the ‘higher court’ has cited fault within the initial sentencing; however, case decisions, rulings, and Nebraska Attorney General Nebraska judicial review will be cited as primary sources with regard to sentencing

Contacting the Nebraska Attorney General

The Office of the Nebraska Attorney General may be contacted through the following means:

Address for the Office of the Nebraska Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General Nebraska

2115 State Capitol

Lincoln, Nebraska


Telephone Number for the Office of the Attorney General Nebraska

The telephone number for General Information is (402) 471-2682; however the following supplementary telephone numbers – with regard to specific legal issues – are as follows:

Consumer Protection Division: (800) 727-6432




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