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Tennessee Attorney General


What is the Attorney General Tennessee?

The Tennessee Attorney General is a legal and administrative position undertaken by the appointed individual serving as the primary attorney – or Tennessee lawyers – on behalf of the State of Tennessee. The position within the state government labels the holder of the Attorney General position as the chief lawyer and law enforcement officer of the state.

Unlike the majority of states in America, the Tennessee Attorney General is an officer of the judicial branch; the Tennessee Attorney General is appointed by the justices of the State’s Supreme Court, as opposed to being elected by the people or appointed by the Governor. The Supreme Court of Tennessee will not only appoint the selected individual to office but will decide on the term length of the individual as well.

What does the Attorney General of Tennessee do?

The Tennessee Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the state. Often referred to as the “People’s Lawyer”, the attorney general of Tennessee advocates on behalf of the state’s citizens. Furthermore, the Tennessee Attorney General will work with members of the general assembly to push for the creation of new laws. To ensure that the state’s court system is formally respecting the already established laws, the Attorney General of Tennessee will travel throughout the state to affirm that the courts are adhering to such policies and laws.

The Attorney General Tennessee is the chief legal and law enforcement officer in the state. The individual is responsible for the prosecution of offenses to the state’s constitution and prescribed in Tennessee’s various statutes.

The Attorney General Tennessee:

Republican Robert E. Cooper is the current Attorney General of Tennessee. Cooper was appointed by the Tennessee Supreme Court in 2006 and was selected to serve an eight year term. Cooper was officially sworn into office on November 1, 2006. Cooper is the 2th Attorney General and Reporter of the state.

Cooper holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, where he graduated magna cum laude. Following graduation, Cooper earned a law degree from Yale University, where he was the managing editor of the Yale Law Journal. Before being nominated to the position of Attorney General, Mr. Cooper held legal Counsel to Governor Phil Bredesen from 2003 to 2006.

The Legal Process and Procedure of the Attorney General Tennessee:

Administrative Law and the Tennessee Attorney General:

In addition to serving as the primary prosecuting attorney on behalf of the State of Tennessee, the Attorney General Tennessee also serves as the chief advocate of legislature and statutory regulation existing within the State of Tennessee

Common Law and the Tennessee Attorney General:

In many cases, the Attorney General Tennessee will employ the legal ideology of ‘Stare Decisis’ with regard to appellate hearings requested within the State of Tennessee; Stare Decisis facilitates a hierarchy with regard to legal venue, within which the process of appeals is determined for potential hearings

Upon the ruling set forth by a court classified as a ‘lower’, an appeal may be subject to judicial review by a court ‘classified as ‘higher’ only in the event that the ‘higher court’ has cited fault within the initial sentencing; however, case decisions, rulings, and Tennessee Attorney General Tennessee judicial review will be cited as primary sources with regard to sentencing

Contacting the Tennessee Attorney General:

The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office may be contacted at P.O. Box 20207 Nashville, TN 37202-0207. The Attorney General Tennessee may be contacted via telephone at 615-741-3491. The Consumer Advocate and Protection division may be reached at 615-741-1671 and Victim Information Services may be reached at 615-532-1971.